God Is Always At Work Through Grace

Ah, grace is so refreshingly simple. It’s not about what I do, it’s about what He does for and through me. This is true of pastoring and this is true for every aspect of everybody’s life. If we get hung up on “I have to do my part” then we miss grace entirely and we operate in the flesh/our own abilities. Let Jesus carry EVERYTHING (Matthew 11.28-30) and our walking with Him as He leads will be our cooperating, our obedience, our ‘doing something’.







Consider the following quote from Eugene Peterson on pastoring:

“…my job is not to solve people’s problems or make them happy, but to help them see the grace operating in their lives. It’s hard to do, because our whole culture is going the other direction, saying that if you’re smart enough and get the right kind of help, you can solve all your problems. The truth is, there aren’t very many happy people in the Bible. But there are people who are experiencing joy, peace, and the meaning of Christ’s suffering in their lives.

The work of spirituality is to recognize where we are—the particular circumstances of our lives—to recognize grace and say, “Do you suppose God wants to be with me in a way that does not involve changing my spouse or getting rid of my spouse or my kids, but in changing me, and doing something in my life that maybe I could never experience without this pain and this suffering?”

Sometimes I think all I do as pastor is speak the word “God” in a situation in which it hasn’t been said before, where people haven’t recognized his presence. Joy is the capacity to hear the name and to recognize that God is here. There’s a kind of exhilaration because God is doing something and, even in a little way, it’s enough at the moment.”


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Soul Feeding Love

I have been meditating on Psalm 119.40 “How I long for your precepts!
In your righteousness preserve my life” and the love relationship in which the Lord feeds my soul.

And I found this great quote from Andrew Murray:

“…the great God of love is shining upon us every moment of the day. If we will give Him time and patient waiting, this love will enter our hearts with all its gifts and graces and its unspeakable blessedness. We will be made willing to part utterly with self and to yield ourselves as a continual sacrifice to the God who loves us.”

Amen! Dying to self, and living in Jesus; so simple and profound. To “long” for God’s Word to speak to me, I must be a consistent listener. To know His “righteousness” and that He is the only one to “preserve my life” is experienced as I consistently walk in His grace. That is an amazing love relationship where I can only adore Him because He loved me first. So I will soak up His love and be willing to cooperate with Him as He asks me to die to self in glorifying Him.

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