Going to Jesus

On Sunday we discussed a few practical ways to “go to Jesus”.

In our prayer life, are we listening to Jesus? After we have worked on a Scriptural passageĀ in our devotions, do we jump to the next thing in the day or do we chill there just a bit with Jesus? Do we hang out and “be still and know that He is God”?

When life comes at us full and heavy do we attempt to handle life on our own or entrust life’s circumstance to Jesus? To entrust is not to resign to God’s sovereignty with huffing, puffing and complaining; rather, we genuinely give Jesus the care are worries and let Him deal with them. (He is so much better at fighting our battles then we are!)

As we live in grace, and not in our own strength, let’s do so one person at a time. With all the hurt, pain and injustice in our world and culture it is so easy to look for political solution which can distract us from going to Jesus. Are we looking to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for grace to make a difference in one person in our family or neighborhood or work or school? When Jesus’ grace touches people one person at a time, then we’ve got a revival on our hands.

So…how’s it going?

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April Newsletter

Windborn Newsletter Apr 2015Windborn Newsletter April 2015 Page 2

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Good Friday & Easter Morning Services

Hope you can join us celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and triumph!!!

Easter 2015 Ad Info

300 Main St., Rio Vista, CA


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