An Attitude of Humble Recognition

When Jesus teaches His followers how they should pray, he tell them (as recorded in Matthew 6.10) to ask the Father, “your kingdom come”. This is an attitude of humble recognition 1.) that the world is not as it should be and 2.) that only God can set it straight. As such, this prayer serves as a confession that we are desperately dependent on Jesus, we are broken,  He is the only one who can heal us and that He extends the blessings of His kingdom to come, right here and now.

“This is not the prayer of the complacent and the self-satisfied, but the humble, the lowly, the broken, the desperate. This is the prayer of those who have nowhere to turn back to God, the meek who will inherit the earth” (Keener).

It is so beautiful that Jesus does not give us a complicated ritual but a simple cry of faith. Yes he does give a how to effectively pray and there are steps that we should follow but all of this is predicated on the assurance of our relationship with Him, with the father and with the Holy Spirit . Oh what a blessed assurance.

The communion and fellowship that we have with Jesus flows out into our attitudes through thanksgiving and gratitude for what Jesus did on the cross. That as a community we can remember in the act of communion, that His blood was shed for us and that His body was broken for us. As Paul says in Romans 6, we know that we are dead in our sin and know that we’re alive in Christ and we remember that we have died in Christ and we are alive in Him for He is our life.

Through this the Holy Spirit quickens our understanding of the deep in rich call of grace. And this is the same call that we answer every day because it is His grace in which we stand, it is the only thing in which we can stand. So we look for the future aspects of Jesus’s Kingdom to come. But we have an attitude of humble recognition that we receive from His good hand and we can continue to live in his grace. Oh what a great blessing, oh what great hope, oh what a wonderful relationship with the creator of the ends of the earth!

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3 Responses to An Attitude of Humble Recognition

  1. What a wonderful relationship, indeed!

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