God Honors His Own Name

In our study of Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount, we have come to what is known as the Lord’s Prayer. Even though we noted it that it’s the disciples prayer because Jesus is teaching us how to pray and that the Lord’s Prayer is recorded in John 17. Here we are taught to honor or hollow God’s holy name and we noted in Ezekiel 36 that as God provides the way of the New Covenant for us He is doing so to uphold His own name!

God is pretty good at honoring His own name (that is the understatement of the year). Let’s start with the “good” of God’s way. Isaiah 33.10 says, “”now I will arise,” says the Lord “now I will be exalted; now I will be lifted up.”” In the context of the chapter, Isaiah stresses the greatness of God’s provision. That His way is the best way for us and that when we walk in his way we win because the Lord is the king over the whole earth, is what comes to us when we follow His honoring His own name and join in the praise.

Keep in mind previously in Isaiah 5.16 the Lord is exalted by His own justice and is proved by its own righteous acts. In the opening chapters of Isaiah, God is justifying the judgment that is coming to Israel in Chapter 6. So here, His honoring His own name is the standard by which acts are deemed right or wrong, just or unjust. The point for 8th Century BC is the same for us today: follow God in His own honoring of His own name and revive His blessings, go our own way and we will receive His wrath because we can never meet His holy standard on our own.

This is the wonder of Jesus’ grace! Relatively quickly, in Isaiah chapter 9 we see the light dawning. Then in Isaiah 52 and 53 we see the suffering servant. God Himself absorbs the judgment. That God Himself becomes the sacrifice. That God Himself provides for our salvation. That God himself honors his own Holy Name. That God himself I I want us to be in his presence for eternity so he provides the way to redeem our unholiness making us holy!

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